Free Home Buyers Counselling   

We recognised that many persons preparing and searching to buy a home or service lot on which to build a home have very little understanding of the process and we are committed to guiding those persons of what is required and the process.We commit to provide quality guidance without charge. You may wish to make appointment by calling the above company numbers.

New Appointment   

Mr Edwin Tolluch-Reid JP, CD, FRICS, an experienced chartered valuation surveyor has been appointed "Valuation Consultant" to our firm. He comes to us with over 50 years of experience in the field of valuations and land acquisitions etc. and will strengthen our technical capabilities in those sections of the Estate Management profession. He holds a Bsc. in Estate Management (London University) and has done Post Graduate work in Land Administration at Cambridge University UK. Further, he continues to provide guidance and mentorship for all the professional staff of this firm, especially the graduates of The Land Economy and Valuation Surveying programme at the University of Technology.

Investment Opportunity   

The difficult economic times have impacted negatively all sectors of the society and the Real Estate market is no exception. Real Estate is, however, always a good medium and long term "investment vehicle" and we can partner with you to ensure that your investment decisions are based on accurate data and experienced analysis.

We take our profession seriously and nothing we advise or guide our clients to do would we be afraid to do ourselves. You may call Kenneth Beckles at the following numbers (876) 299-8318 (Digicel) or (876) 784-6734 (Lime) from Monday to Saturday for a general discussion on investments you wish to embark on, assets you wish to value, manage or dispose of.