K.B. Real Estate Co. Ltd is recognized as one of the leading real estate companies in Jamaica. They have been providing services in the real estate market for over 12 years, with their main focus being Property Valuations and Appraisals. This includes valuations of real estate, machinery, equipment and furniture. Other services include real estate construction, repairs, auctions, sales, leases, rentals and property management. K.B. Real Estate Co. Ltd has completed
over 6,000 valuations during the last 12 years on a wide variety of property types and sizes and has many satisfied clients.

K.B. Real Estate is your premier real estate company for Property Valuations and Appraisals, Construction estimates services, Land Surveying services, Real Estate Legal services, Auctions and Repairs, along with the sales, leases and rentals of properties. We are experts in Property Management with over 12 years of experience....
Free Home Buyers Counselling

We recognised that many persons preparing and searching to buy a home or service lot on which to build a home have very little understanding of the process and we are committed to guiding those persons of what is required and
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